BridgingApps Arrives at Easter Seals RGV in McAllen, TX!

Easter Seals RGV held its first meeting for Rio Grande Valley, BridgingApps Group, May 31, 2012 atthe new McAllen Public Library. Our group learned the purpose of BridgingApps and its benefits for ourcommunity. BridgingApps is really exciting news for the parents, teachers, therapists, and of course thechildren who will be enjoying the developmental games and activities using everyday technology.

So what exactly is it? Well Betsy Furler, a speech language therapist from the Greater Houston area led the meeting speaking about how BridgingApps promotes the use of today’s technology to help engage our children and adults with special needs to develop and enhance their skills. The very same apps that we buy and use on our phones and tablets are the tools that help integrate our children and adults with special needs into the world of technology, and the best part is they’re improving their learning and development.

We are very excited to introduce and begin this Group at Easter Seals Rio Grande Valley. If you want to become a part of the BridgingApps community at Easter Seals Rio Grande Valley or to learn more about the benefits of Bridging Apps, please come join us at our Open House on July 26, 2012 from 5:30-7:30pm (location TBA). For more information, you may contact Roschel Servantes at

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