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Seeking BridgingApps Reviewers for Low Vision Apps 📱

Ladies Using iPadBridgingApps is looking for professionals who work with individuals with low vision and are interested in sharing their expertise about apps and how they are assisting individuals. We invite you to contribute your time and talent to become a BridgingApps Reviewer.

Our Approach

App reviews provide supplementary information about an app and its practical uses with people who have special needs. Users consider our website to be a shortcut and a helpful tool to find apps appropriate for those with disabilities.

Repeating what the app developer has already provided is not helpful for our users. What is appreciated is how therapists, educators, parents and those with disabilities use apps to improve or practice skills, increase independence, and improve quality of life. Specific commentary, explanations and observations from personal and professional experience of using a particular app is helpful to those who care for and work with people who have special needs.

Who is Eligible?

Most of our reviewers are special education teachers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, health professionals, and assistive technology professionals currently using a mobile device. You must have a degree and currently work with someone who has a disability.

Steps to Becoming a Reviewer

1. Fill out a short application that details your experience and your interests.

2. Learn our review system and how to submit reviews.

3.  Fill out a W-9 form.

Why Become a Reviewer

1.  BridgingApps offers a generous incentive for the first 15 app reviews completed and for every 5 thereafter.

2.  Writing reviews builds your resume and professional reputation in the field.

3.  Connect with a community of professionals, parents and people with disabilities who share information on technology.

4. If desired, a photo and short bio about you will be added to our website.  See here.

5. Contributing reviews plays a role in helping to create acceptance of mobile devices as a low-cost form of Assistive Technology that can benefit people of all ages with special needs.

Follow the link if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming a BridgingApps Reviewer and contact us if you are ready to get started!


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