Caregivers Month

Apps for Caregivers | National Family Caregivers Month

As we turn to technology more and more to help manage our daily lives with apps like reminders, calendars, social media, and banking, it is only natural that we may find that technology can assist with the monumental challenge of caregiving, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. Caring for someone who is ill can be demanding and overwhelming, but an extra pair of hands can be as close as the smartphone in your pocket.

Whether you are a spouse, child or friend, there are many types of apps that caregivers of all ages have found useful to integrate into their lives to manage and streamline information. Features that allow users to keep track of vital information, manage a log of activities, jot down notes during doctor and therapy appointments, update family and friends, and get support can be lifesavers.

We have created a list of apps that we have found helpful to manage some daily tasks of caregiving. See the full list here:

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