Aftershokz Bluez: Bone Conduction Technology Headphones

AfterShokz-Bluez-back-strap-422x240Aftershokz are wireless headphones with bone conduction technology that removes your ear from hearing. By using vibrations they are able to conduct sound off of your cheekbones and deliver it straight to your inner ear.   They use a pair of transducers to power your music into your head. With one transducer resting on each side of your head, they create vibrations that pass sound off of the surface of your face. This contact point allows the headphones to conduct sound onto the bones of your head. These vibrations send sound all the way from your cheek bones to your inner ear, allowing sound to reach the cochlea without even using your ear drum.

Aftershokz Bluez perform using Bluetooth technology.  The headphones work well with many different devices including the iPod, iPad, Smartphone or MP3 player.  You can charge the device with a USB connection.  It comes with a 50 inch USB cable that easily plugs into the headset and into any USB 2.0 port over four feet away.  It takes 3 hours to charge and the battery lasts about 6 hours.  You can also communicate using the headset using the built-in microphone.

Speech Pathologist Betsy Furler recently trialed Aftershokz on one of her clients.  This is what she had to say:

“On Friday morning, I tried them with my patient.  His name is Lance and he is 8 1/2.  He has Treacher Collins Syndrome IMG_0892and does not have external ears.  He uses bone anchored hearing aids.  I tried the Aftershokz on him and hooked him up to the iPad.  He heard music like he has never heard it!!!!  He was so excited.  He also attended very well to an interactive  book on the iPad.  He begged me to let him keep the Aftershokz!!!!  I ordered him a pair on Amazon that day.  I gave them to him this morning and he was super excited!  This morning I also worked with him on practicing sounds.  I put the Aftershokz on him and then used an articulation app to feed the sounds and words to him.  His speech production was much better when he heard the sounds and words through the AfterShokz.”

This item can be purchased at Aftershokz.

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One thought on “Aftershokz Bluez: Bone Conduction Technology Headphones

  1. I purchased Aftershokz blue tooth bone conduction headphones from Aftershokz which I use beacause I am 100% and 30% deaf in my ears right and left.
    I found when listening to music on my I Phone it was absolutely perfect and was the first time I could hear on my right side in 25 years.
    Woow I have stereo back again !
    However I have tried to find an app. that will allow me to use the I Phone as a blue tooth hearing aid with not much success.
    Of all the apps. I have tried so far, none use blue tooth technology, And the one I found didnt work which was called \”hearing aid\”.
    Headphones with blue tooth technology are in need of a good App. that will allow them to communicate together.
    I do not use any type of hearing aids asmy right ear is to far gone, so I am looking for an app that talks directly from I Phone to headphone.
    If you find one please let me know.

    Thank-you Mel

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