Are you frustrated that you cannot walk around your class with your iPad?  Are you sick of all the wires?  Stop and look at the Wipad!  The Wipad has 3 models and offers a 25% educational discount.  If you are like most schools you will need the Wipad VGA Package if your projector does not have an HDMI port.  The adaptor is an HDMI port giving you the freedom to use your iPad anywhere in the class or at a presentation.  Just insert your iPad into the hard shell with the built in transmitter as soon as the lights blink green your can display your iPad on your whiteboard.  Now you can walk around attend to a students’ needs and keep your iPad projected.  You can even bring your Wipad to the student and have them interact with an app creating an interactive classroom with one iPad.  As we continue to use the mobile devices in our classroom we need hardware to increase the ease of projection.  The Wipad is the device and now you have an interactive classroom.

Starting at USD $399.00

This item can be found at World Secure Systems.



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