Tips & Tricks for Using the Reminders App on iOS

Now that school is back in session, do you find yourself juggling too many appointments to remember? Keeping track of Zoom meetings for yourself (and possibly your children), virtual therapy and/or medical appointments, grocery pick-ups or deliveries, and perhaps even extra-curricular activities for your children can become overwhelming. In a recent blog post, we shared the updated review for the Reminders App that comes pre-installed on every Apple device. In the video we are sharing today, Jana gives us a brief demonstration of how to make the app work for you along with unique features to keep you organized. For instance, did you know you can set a reminder by location? Set a reminder to remind you to start a load of laundry when you arrive home or to help you remember to pick up an item from the office or school. This ingenious feature could be really helpful for people with memory difficulties or attention issues. Click on the image or the link below to see the video, then re-visit the review here.

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