Switch Accessible Apps Discussed at Houston, TX September Meeting

Parent Tina Hill demonstrated how to use the Bluetooth Cordless Switch Interface by RJ Cooper http://rjcooper.com/ with the iPad 2 to access a variety of apps for those who need switch accessibility. Tina explained that this interface allows users to access any app that has been developed to be switch accessible. She demonstrated how to use the switch interface with a variety of apps, including RadSounds, Read to Learn, TapSpeak Button Plus, TapSpeak Sequence, GoTalk Now, Scan a Word, Predictable and Switch Kids Lite.

Participants in the group enjoyed the interactivity of taking turns and selecting answers by using the switch to really understand how a user with limited fine motor control can control and interact with his/her environment through the iPad. Although she acknowledged it can be tricky to find apps that are switch accessible, Tina shared her favorites with the group and included a resource of where to find more switch accessible apps.

Tina also shared one of her favorite iPad accessories: the GorillaMobile Yogi for the iPad 2. It is a flexible stand with a case that allows the iPad to be placed, hung or positioned in a variety of environments. For therapists working with people who have special needs, such an accessory can be hung just out of someone’s reach to encourage reaching, abdominal and trunk strength building. For parents and teachers, the Yogi offers the ability to place an iPad on a table top, hung on the back of a car seat or in a number of places that a traditional iPad case could be unsteady or unsafe. Although designed for the iPad 2, the Yogi can be placed on the new iPad, but it is a tight fit.

For more resources for switch accessible apps, please click on the links below:



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