Woodlands Preparatory School Students Teach About the Power of Technology


When I think back to what my goals and thoughts were when I was nine years old, making the world a better place was not even on my radar. I was solely focused on Barbies, roller skating and my best friends. But the 4th graders at The Woodlands Prepatory School have put me to shame.  I am truly humbled at their clarity of how society has evolved. It gives me goosebumps knowing that there is great hope for our future.

The entire fourth grade class was given an assignment that centered around the topic of discrimination.  Groups of students took on researching different types of discrimination; everything from race, age, and even being discriminated against if you are a celebrity.

But the group that stole the show was was Ariane, Juliana, and Sky.  Their presentation on Disability Discrimination truly opened up the eyes of everyone in the audience, students and parents alike.  While researching the use of technology and disabilities on the internet, they happened upon BridgingApps. The girls and their teachers were delighted to discover that there was a BridgingApps location in their neighborhood! They visited the BridgingApps lab in Montgomery County and discovered that with today’s technology, there are no limits for people with a disability.

The three students took all their new knowledge and created a wonderful presentation to share with their 20140428_104849classmates, friends, family and community.   “It’s a very cool thing to see the students actually teaching the teachers and staff”, say’s Robin Johnson-Sudberry, a teacher and mentor at The Woodlands Preparatory School. “Using technology in the classroom is an excellent way for students with disabilities to communicate, as well as complete assignments. It’s wonderful to know there is a resource close by that can assist us in helping our own students succeed with the use of an Augmentative Communication Device. And I could not be more proud. These girls even organized a walk-a-thon for Bridging Apps that raised $100!”

by Andi Fry

BridgingApps Leader, Montgomery County




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