Steve and Jeannie’s Success Story

new-3So, just who are those people at Lasered Pics? Steve and Jeannie are a couple of quiet Christian grandparents who live in a modest home in the woods of central Minnesota. They have owned a Laser engraving business since 2006. The laser is very versatile. Over the years they have used it to make photos on basswood, cake toppers, ornaments, photos on tile, and about a million other things.

Jeannie works as an occupational therapist and assistive technology consultant in the public schools. It is wonderful for her to have a husband who can take her ideas to help students, and make them into real items that she can use at work. Steve has made rubber stamps with student’s first names to help Jeannie teach students to print their names. He has cut out acrylic bunnies to hold the laces of shoes so children can be taught to tie. As you may know, interesting things come from the brains of occupational therapists, and fortunately for Jeannie, Steve can make those ideas realities.

In early 2011, Jeannie began to work with a student on the use of Proloquo2Go on the iPad. She told Steve about an idea that she had to help students with the use of that app. Jeannie’s idea was that access to Proloquo2go could be improved if there were some type of keyguard to help isolate touch to each icon on the screen of the iPad. Steve through his skills on the computer was able to make that idea a reality. Jeannie took the keyguard to work to trial with students, and Steve added it to the website.

In February of 2011, Jeannie wrote about the keyguards on an assistive technology listserve that she subscribes to. Jeannie thought maybe someone could benefit from the use of keyguard. The response to that post was amazing.

Lasered Pics now makes keyguards for over two dozen apps, and will consider adding any app that would be helpful to someone. They also offer keyguards for the iPad mini, and have recently begun offering keyguards for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 inch. Suction cups or straps can be ordered to assist with attaching keyguards to the iPad.


Each product is custom made to the specifications of the customer who orders. Keyguards and straps can be ordered in several color choices. Customers are free to contact Lasered Pics if they need questions answered about orders that they are placing or have already received.

The heart of those two grandparents who work at Lasered Pics is a desire to make quality custom products at prices that are affordable because they really care about people, and want to share God’s love with the world.

by Jeannie McKee

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