STAFF PICK LIST: Amy Fuchs on Education 🍎

Every other Friday, our blog will feature a “Staff Pick List” of one BridgingApps team member’s favorite apps in one category. To celebrate the beginning of the 2022–2023 school year, today’s topic is “education.” This week’s app list is contributed by BridgingApps’ Program Manager, Amy Fuchs.

Khan Academy Kids Icon
  1. Khan Academy Kids

Free app loaded with activities and games to help your child enjoy learning the skills related to Reading, Writing, Math, and more. Khan Academy Kids is great for reinforcing newly acquired skills throughout the school year, as well as for reducing regression during school breaks. It is available for both Android and iOS, and recommended for children with Pre-K through 2nd grade skill levels.

Speechify App Icon

2. Speechify

A text-to-speech app that uses your device’s camera to scan text and read it aloud. A favorite feature is that it uses natural, rather than robot-like, voices. This is a great app for students to use when reading school texts that may contain vocabulary above their reading levels.

CanPlan App

3. CanPlan

Great for breaking down tasks into easy-to-manage steps, whether a child is learning to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, wash dishes independently, or navigate social situations like parties or weddings. One of CanPlan’s best features is that it allows users to use their own pictures to create individualized tasks and routines.

inku app

4. inku

A speech-to-text app for people with dyslexia and other print disabilities, designed so the user can write reports, stories, notes, messages, and test answers with their voice. Inku is especially good for younger students who have difficulty getting their thoughts on paper using traditional methods.

otter voice app

5. Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes

Transforms recorded conversations (on phone, tablet, or web browser) into transcripts with searchable notes, text, audio, and even images. Otter is a helpful tool for students, especially those who have difficulty remembering details, to record lectures or peer-project meetings for later review.

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