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Seniors | Exploring a Mobile Device Without Caution

Written By: Dr. Cristy Gamez-Galka

Frequently, a person will tell me that they are afraid to try something on their device because they may break it. Well, I am here to tell you that outside of dropping your device or doing some other physical damage to it, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BREAK IT by trying to get it to do things you want.

Within your “Settings” app you can adjust a variety of features such as the sound it makes, size of the text, brightness of the screen, set up a pass code, change your wallpaper, and a variety of other functions.  Go for it, and explore your “Settings”. Anything you change can be changed back.

There will be times where your device will freeze or is unresponsive. There will be other times when it does not respond the way it should, for example, the keyboard does not appear when you want to type. There will be many times in which you want to do something, but are just not sure how to do it.

Tips for Seniors

  • Close the app that is not responding
  • Close the open apps if a device is slow or is not performing as expected
  • Look up on the Internet how to do something
  • Turn it off
  • Ask someone

Honestly, I do at least one of these every day. I am a big fan of looking things up and several times a day I do this because I want to learn something. This comes in handy when I am trying to trouble shoot a problem with someone. What I like most about looking things up is that someone has asked the question, at least one person has posted an answer, and it is all available to you whenever you want it. I believe we are smarter together than we are individually. A brief search of the Internet supports this idea. I looked it up, really! So have fun, follow the tips when you have a problem, and celebrate your learning.

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