Schuyler’s Success Story

To the people like me 🙂

By: Schuyler Noelle Rummel-Hudson
photo-13Hello, my name is Schuyler Noelle Rummel-Hudson and I am 14 years old teenager and I live in Plano,TX. In my school, I like to do art and band.

I have a little monster called Polymicrogyria in my head. I called my little monster Polly because it is a funny name. My monster makes hard to talk and to understand things, sometimes. And it makes me have seizures sometimes too and it feel like a earthquake in my head.

I like to use my iPad Mini because it help me with talking and I can looks things up like the the right stuff for school. It makes me as other people. When I used my old speech device, it looks like something wrong with me.

My first device was a Vantage but I called it the Big Box of Words. My second device was a pink Vantage Lite but I called it Pinkessa. Now I am using an iPad Mini.  I like the Mini than my OLD devices because it is smaller and sounds better and I can sent messages to my friends and my family too. It looks I’m like other people.

In the future, I want to help people like me. I can teach them how to use a iPad to talk and write to other each. I want to help my father with his new book and I want to write a book myself. I want to live in my own, if I get lonely and I can find my mom and dad. I want to drive a car too. I want to get married and have two kids.

I am going to use my iPad Mini to help me do the things I want in the future when I grow up.

Your truly,

Schuyler Noelle Rummel Hudson 😉


We at BridgingApps appreciate Schuyler agreeing to share her story with us and with our readers in her own words. We invite you to share your story of how technology has positively impacted your life, as we all learn and can be uplifted by the experiences of others. Click here to share your story.

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10 thoughts on “Schuyler’s Success Story

  1. Schuyler, l have been reading about you for a long time. I really liked what you wrote! If you and your dad ever visit Minneapolis on a book tour, l would like to meet you guys. We writers have to stick together!

  2. Thank you Schuyler for sharing your story!!!! You are a wonderful girl and I am so blessed to know you! You are helping many other people now!!!!

  3. Great piece Schuyler! I love my iPad mini too. I don\’t use AAC but I can only use one hand so it is much easier to hold and use than the full-size iPads. You are a great writer, the earthquake simile is very powerful. I\’m sorry your seizures make you feel like that though. Again, great piece and I hope you write more 🙂

  4. I have had the honor of watching you grow up into a bubbly, beautiful young lady, my little Schuy-Frog!!! The world is yours and you can own it….!

  5. You are very inspiring to me, Schuyler. My daughter is nine and she has a hard time speaking vocally and uses an iPad mini just like you. I hope my daughter grows to be a young lady who has lots of important things to say! Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what she might be like some day!

  6. Thank you for sharing your story and success! I have a 5 yr old granddaughter who has Apraxia and is getting an AAC soon we hooe! You have given me much hope! God bless you!

  7. Hi Schuyler, Nice to read your words directly. Have been reading your dad for several years after reading SCHUYLER\’S MONSTER. You are a beautiful young woman – i always enjoy seeing your photographs. If you have your own blog someday i will be a faithful reader. Thanks, Barbara (

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