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Last Holiday season, way back in 2019, we shared Tech Tools for Holiday Cooking as part of our contribution to Parenting Special Needs Magazine. Although 2020 has not been exactly what we imagined, it is probably a safe bet to say that special holiday meals will still be prepared (and enjoyed) by friends and families everywhere. You may not be traveling over the river and through the woods this year, instead get-togethers may be by video calls with relatives while you share laughs and memories. However you are celebrating though, we wanted to remind you of the great apps and tech tools out there that can help get that holiday meal to the table while including everyone in the prep work .

How about getting our children, ALL of them, regardless of ability, involved in the preparation?  Including children in the food prep can have all kinds of benefits, such as encouraging them to explore and maybe even try out new foods, flavors, and (gasp!) even textures!  Being involved in the prep could also give them a sense of ownership in the meal that might make them even more likely to want to try the dish. Following recipes is a great way to sneak in some reading and math skills and having the recipe read to your child via a device is good practice for listening/comprehension skills. “Now, what did they tell us to do?”,  “How much did they say to use?”, etc. Some apps have helpful video directions. Maybe your child helps by being in charge of playing the different parts of the video and helping to gather ingredients and supplies?  

There are lots of ways that everyone can have a part in the fun.  Check out these great recipe apps for your tablet or smartphone, a few fun apps that let children explore food preparation in an entertaining, virtual environment, and some helpful tablet stands to keep your tablet in sight and safe while using it in the kitchen.

Check out the apps and accessories we share in the November/December 2019 Parenting Special Needs Magazine article and our updated list of accessories for 2020. And, be sure to subscribe to receive a free copy of the magazine.

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