More Apps for Summer Reading Fun

Summertime… when the world slows down and tries to enjoy life a little more. School-age children get a break from the routine of school, which is great, but can sometimes lead to losing skills they learned during the school year. This is especially worrisome when talking about reading skills since reading is such an important part of everyday life. We have gathered some fun apps, thanks to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, that can help strengthen and continue to build on many reading skills for people of any age.

Hoopla and Libby, by Overdrive are both FREE apps that connect you to your local library using your library card. This allows you to check out audiobooks, eBooks, magazines, movies, and more for free! Reading a new book is a great way to keep your brain sharp by working on comprehension skills and improving vocabulary. If you or someone you care for is a beginning reader, try Reading Train Starter Books, Epic!- Kids Books & Reading, or Kids A-Z. All of these provide leveled books so that beginning readers can read at their pace with just enough of a challenge to keep them improving, but not so much frustration that they give up. For working on beginning reading skills, Khan Academy Kids and Wild Symphony are both fun, engaging apps that help get pre-readers or new readers interested in books. Click on the names of any of the apps mentioned above to learn more about them or download for yourself.

The links below provide PDF versions of two flyers with these apps that you can download and share with friends and loved ones. Happy Reading!

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