Mia’s Success Story

Girl holding iPadMia has been using the iPad to communicate for about 7 months. We have since been in the process of teaching her how to use the iPad and keep it with her at all times. Mia has small hands and toting the ipad around was very cumbersome. Since we have purchased the Chat Bag, Mia has been so much better about keeping the iPad with her at all times and therefore seems to use it more!

Lori Holbrook, creator of the Chat Bag, was absolutely wonderful to work with. She specifically designed iPad CarrierMia’s chat bag to fit around the special case we have for her and even let me chose the fabric to use! She was efficient and timely and we are thrilled with our purchase. We can not wait to see the new world that the iPad AND Chat Bag opens up for Mia!

Click on the link if you would like to know more about the Chat Bag!



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