Meet the BridgingApps Reviewers | Beth Greer

Meet Beth!  As an Assistive Technology Specialist/Instructional Technologist Ms. Greer’s career focus has been in supporting the needs of adults and children facing multiple disabilities. Starting as a teacher of special education, both in the United States and in Europe, Ms. Greer has developed instructional programs that address the unique learning needs of children and adults to enhance the acquisition of knowledge and increase functional independence. Responsive to increased computer technology in education settings, Ms. Greer obtained an advanced degree in Instructional Technology. Additionally, Ms. Greer received a certification in Assistive Technology. Ms. Greer’s current focus at Bancroft’s education programs in Haddonfield, NJ, developed into direct support for teachers, students and administration regarding all facets of instructional and assistive technology; currently focusing on the paradigm shift to mobile technology.

Beth has tackled some very robust apps for us.  She has done a great job finding all of the embedded skills within an app and how an app can be used by someone with a disability.  Way to go Beth!

Beth’s top five apps:

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