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Lunch & Learn Rewind: Wearable Devices to Track Important Health Data

In our Lunch & Learn on February 9, we covered wearable devices that can help you with some of your goals for the New Year, including getting movement in your life. We shared how the Oura ring, along with the newest watches like the LetsFit Smart Watch, (that works like the Apple Watch at a fraction of the price) can help you get the most out of “Wearable Technology”. We shared how these wearables work with some of our favorite apps that we have shared in the past to tracking your steps using apps like Pacer, Google Fit, and Apple Health. We shared some other really cool wearables that do other things like continuously monitor temperature and oxygenation levels using wearables like Owlet. We shared how the Freestyle Libre 2 and Dexcom Glucose sensors allow both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics to continuously monitor their glucose and how these devices also can work hand in hand with glucose pumps to dispense the necessary amount of insulin based on sugar levels in the body without finger pricking. We love how technology is allowing people to have more freedom and wanted to share these cool wearable tech items to help you make 2022 the best yet to keep you healthy and wise.

If you missed our event and would like to download a copy of our slide deck, we’ve included it in this post. In it you will find links to the developers website along with some of our favorite apps that you can use with this cool wearable technology. Our small group meets every other week on different topics, but it might vary some with holidays.

In our popular Lunch & Learn series, we have explored topics such as:

We are always looking for new topics, so feel free to make a request as we schedule out the events for the next couple of months. Feel free to check out our Lunch & Learn Rewinds and share them with a friend.

Mark your calendars for our next Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, February 23 –where we will be launching a new topic in a series of Accessiblity features for your mobile devices. We will talk about features that are built right into your phones and tablets that help with vision and low-vision. Some of the features that we will share include: VoiceOver, Zoom, Changing Display and Text Size, Adjusting motion settings, using features like Spoken Content to have texts and other things read aloud, and lastly turning on Audio Descriptions to have your device automatically play audio descriptions when available.

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