Still Looking for the Perfect Teacher Appreciation Gift?

We want all of our teacher friends to know how much we appreciate them. With our teaching and education backgrounds, we truly understand how busy they are balancing daily life, home, family, planning and implementing enriching lessons all while carrying the weight of each of their students’ futures on their shoulders.  

The pressures of standardized testing and individualized testing only add to those burdens.  Our best teachers work countless hours of overtime trying to find the most meaningful activities for student engagement and learning.  Sometimes those schedules are so jam packed with preparations for the next day or the week ahead that there is barely any time to find ways to integrate technology into daily lesson plans.

Some schools have easy access to technology and others do not.  Many times it is not until the end of the night as our teachers are getting into bed that they take time to relax and read up on what their friend and family are doing on Facebook or they wander over to Pinterest and start pinning things that they want to do in their spare time.  Teachers’ lives are non-stop and full of learning that even that time turns into, “What can I do with my students?”

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we invite our teacher friends to like our Facebook and cruise on over to our Pinterest.  Although we would love to shower you with gift certificates to your favorite restaurant or spa, we know that you are always looking for ways to engage your students in the classroom.  We encourage you to check out our weekly app giveaways.

For those of you who have wonderful teachers in your lives and you are looking for the perfect gift for them, consider “gifting” them an app favorite from our Favorite Apps for Teachers List. And, check out these easy steps to send them an iTunes gift, without even leaving your house.

Remember to thank a teacher this week, show your appreciation, and share this information with others!

Thank you teachers!




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