Liam’s Success Story Update

Liam (1)Written By: Kristin Steen (Liam’s Mom)

Liam is now 5 years old and is still using his iPad regularly.  He has shown so much progress, specifically with his ability to trace letters much more precisely, his attention span (both in trying to figure out a game and in how long he sticks with an activity) and his pronunciation.  Two of Liam’s favorite apps are AGO Phonics Sound Pad and The Sight Word Adventure.

Liam has come so far, and as a parent I think it is really important to not underestimate our kids. I was surprised at how much Liam was able to do at only 2 years old- open apps he wanted, swipe the screen, hit the home button, etc.  At a young age, kids can touch and swipe through images to learn vocabulary (like with the app SoundTouch). And it is a great tool to help them express themselves (via touching what they want) when they can’t express themselves verbally.

Funny thing is, Liam assumes all screens are touch-able – which might not be a good thing when he’s banging on my macbook, but I think will be a good thing in general. This leads me to tell you that I think it is very important to have a good sturdy case!!

Here is a look back at Liam’s original success story:


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