Jaw-Dropping Insignio App Tool – Houston, TX Local Meeting

Participants in last week’s BridgingApps meeting were “wowed” by the features of the new Insignio app tool launched this month. Demonstrations of how to search apps by skill, category and key word helped users understand how this tool can be an asset in the classroom and in the clinic.  Participants learned how to search for apps by favorite theme such as “monkey” or “numbers” and then save that search or create a favorites list.

Sharing  favorite apps and ideas for using them with people who have disabilities is always a highlight of the meeting.  Parent Tina Hill demonstrated how she uses 100s Board HC with her son who has Cerebral Palsy.  She uses it to help him with addition, subtraction, counting coins and even telling time. Teacher Lindsey Williams showed how she uses Answers: YesNo HD with a student who is visually impaired and non-verbal. By mounting a keyguard over the iPad screen, the student is able to answer yes/no questions and indicate preferences. Parent Cristen Reat demonstrated how she uses Write My Name by Injini with her 8 year old with Down syndrome.  This tracing game has excellent sound, graphics, and encourages even the smallest efforts of tracing letters. He sometimes traces letters with his finger and sometimes he uses a stylus.

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