How to Join a Twitter Chat

-POP (1)What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter Chat is when a group of people all tweet about a common topic.  All of the tweets land in one place because everyone uses the same hashtag #.

How often do they happen?

Some Twitter Chats are weekly, some bi-weekly, some monthly, and others are only once at an announced time.

How do I find a Twitter Chat?

People or groups that you “follow” on Twitter will announce them.  Keep an eye on your Twitter feed!

How do I participate in a chat?

First, search the hashtag in your search box.  Once you are there click on “Live”.  This will put you on a live stream with all the tweeters using the common hashtag.  Often a moderator will welcome you and have you introduce yourself (name, hometown, occupation).  The moderator will ask questions and keep the conversation on track.  If you ask a question or respond to someone in the chat, always use the hashtag so everyone can be in on the conversation.  You can also send a private tweet to someone if it is off the topic of the chat, but try to do it outside of the hashtag so it does not end up in the archive of the chat.

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Still not sure where to start?

Start with the BridgingApps Twitter Chat.  We host once a month on the first Wednesday of every month from 7-8 p.m. CST.  You can join our chat by searching the hashtag #appsforall.  We are beginners too and would love to help ease you into the world of Twitter Chats.

If you have not signed up for Twitter read our article on how to get started.




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