Helping Each Other, Handwriting Apps, and Hardware

Many different people with many different roles attend our Austin TX BridgingApps meetings.  And the best part about the variety is that we get an opportunity to learn from one another.  Each role offers a new perspective and new ideas on how to use the mobile device.  Thank you for sharing attendees!

At our May meeting we focused on several apps that work on handwriting (iWriteWords, Doodlebuddy, Letter Quiz).  For people with disabilities that have a hard time with writing, a mobile device can offer a FUN way to work on those necessary skills.  We also talked about different types of stylus‘ and how these can be used to work on handwriting as well.

Last we took a look at the “Hardware” portion of the website.  We looked more in depth at the iKeyboard, Bubcaps, and the BigGrips case.

Thanks again to those who attended and we look forward to seeing you at our June27th meeting!

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