Google Apps Make Your Device’s Camera Work Harder

Google Lens is a unique tool created for Android devices that allows you to search or identify items using your device’s camera. Using Google Lens you can do things like scan QR codes and barcodes, scan and translate text, take a picture of a plant or animal that is new to you and learn all about it, and so much more! Although the Lens app is currently not available for Apple devices, the Lens feature is part of some of Google’s popular apps, Google Photos and Google (search tool), which are available to Apple users. Read below to find out more and then try it out for yourself.

With Google Photos, you can organize and share your photos, create animations, collages, and movies. To use the Lens feature in the Google Photos app, open the app, choose a photo from your library, then click the Lens icon (a dotted line square with a circle in the middle).  After clicking this, you will see dots move around your photo and then “Related results” and “Similar Images” will pop up at the bottom.  You can then click on these to read more about the images and links that Google found.  Imagine being able to take a picture of a landmark when you are traveling and get the history of it right on your phone!

The Lens feature is also part of the original Google search app. The icon for Lens is located right in the search bar next to the microphone. This allows you three ways to search: typing, using your camera, or using your voice. Vision loss or reading disability? You don’t have to be able to see or read to search, just use your voice! See something that is totally unfamiliar to you and need to know what it is? Just use the camera on your device to find out! The possibilities that this feature opens up for users of all abilities by removing the skills traditionally required to perform a basic internet search are awe-inspiring!

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