Gab n Go Harness with Bluetooth Speaker

It’s no secret that your iPod/iPhone with an AAC app can bring the world of a language to a non-verbal child.  What’s not as known, however, is how to overcome the biggest challenge of investing in one – getting your child to actually use it.  Due to the accessibility of these devices,  many end up damaged, lost, or on the shelf – where they are no use to your child.

Safe n Sound Mobile has developed a solution to change that – our new patent-pending Gab n Go harness. It puts the iPod/iPhone where it needs to be – right in front — making communication for your child easy, accessible, and timely.

This unique solution, designed for iPhone/iPod AAC devices, features –

  • A comfortable, fully adjustable, washable harness that positions the mobile device out front, thereby maximizing accessibility and eliminating communication delays. 
  • An outward facing, wireless Bluetooth(TM) speaker (with case enclosure) that ensures your child will be heard.  
  • A securing component to protect the mobile device from loss or damage.

 Harness the power of your iPod/iPhone AAC device today.  Your iPod/iPhone and AAC app was a smart investment to help your child communicate. Get the most of it by purchasing a Gab n Go harness. You’ll discover how rewarding communication can be. 

Youth Size: USD $75.00

Adult Size:  USD $80.00

This item can be purchased at the Safe N Sound website.

6 thoughts on “Gab n Go Harness with Bluetooth Speaker

  1. I won a gab-n-go harness with blue tooth speaker for my daughter! First let me say we LOVE it! But recently the iPod has stopped recognizing the speaker. I have checked to see that the blue tooth setting on the iPod is on and have even tried 2 different phones and it appears the speaker is not working. I have fully charged the speaker! Is there anything else I can do? The iPod does have a speaker and is working but it was much better with the speaker?

  2. Hi Tamara,
    I sent you an email. We have had pretty good luck with the speakers so far. Occasionally there is a speaker (like any electronic device) that has some sort of issue. We, of course want to be sure your your Gab n Go is in perfect working order. I look forward to getting your email reply so we can be sure that happens :)Thanks! ~Kristen

  3. I\’m confused…
    I received this idea from my ABA therapist for my son. The original post online advertised the harness with Bluetooth speaker for $45. I went to your site and it looks like your selling the harness alone for $75 ?!? Is that true? $75 for a set of straps and adhesive.
    I was looking forward to giving my son an easy way to communicate on the go since he is nonverbal.

    1. Hi Doug, Thank you for contacting BridgingApps. We originally posted this article in 2012. Thank you for bringing the device price increase to our attention. We have updated the blogpost. A cheaper alternative is to purchase a clip on speaker that is bluetooth compatible and attach to your son\’s clothing or backpack. I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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