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Fun Time: BridgingApps Summer App List for Kids

To most kids, summer means all the free time in the world—and fun, fun, fun!! Parents’ idea of the perfect summer is somewhat different, often starting with how we don’t want our children to spend their vacations. Who hasn’t been warned about (or experienced firsthand):

  • The “summer slide” where kids forget everything they learned last school year;
  • Kids lying around vegging on passive activities, or hanging around parents’ feet whining about boredom;  
  • Utter chaos with everyone into everything everywhere all at once?

Organized summer activities can head off such problems—but can also create new problems if piled up until no one has any free time left. Kids need room to exercise their own initiative and enjoy fun learning activities on their own time. To help out, we’ve compiled this list of summer apps for kids.  

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