Fun Music Apps Discussed at Houston, TX Local Meeting

Participants in last week’s BridgingApps meeting discussed helpful apps they had been using for young children’s early learning. A considerable amount of time was spent exploring the excellent features of the app Injini Game Development Suite. Several participants shared their favorite music apps, such as Virtuoso and Monster Music. Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD is a free app with a keyboard display for making music. Even children with poor fine motor skills can have fun with this app, as fine motor control is not necessary to make great sounds. Monster Music is a great cause and effect app. A particular favorite of the group was the rhyming song app 5 Little Monkeys, where kids interact with the fun song while counting backwards from 5.

In our Returning Users group Sami Rahman went in-depth to help several teachers understand the benefits of using the custom-built Insignio app tool on the BridgingApps website to keep track of app lists for specific skills and students they were targeting in the classroom.

In our Getting Started group several parents who needed help with iPad set up attended the meeting and were looking for ideas to help their tweens with Down syndrome. Ideas from the group included SpellBoard, Write My Name, and GarageBand.



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