family in van on road trip

Family Travel Can Be Fun: BridgingApps Best Summer Road Trip Apps

Cynic’s definition of “vacation”: Something everyone looks forward to and no one enjoys. Particularly those “ones” traveling in family groups that include children under 8, or kids of any age with autism or sensory processing disorder. And particularly if you’re the one doing the driving, 200 miles into a 300-mile road trip, struggling to concentrate on the road amidst a barrage of back-seat whining.

The best defense against such scenarios is a supply of healthy snacks; frequent stops for exercise and restroom breaks; precautions against getting lost; and extra kids’ activities to hold off boredom. Today’s featured-apps list for summer road trips is full of games and fun learning activities. For the adults, it has wayfinding apps, plus apps for locating everything from clean restrooms to local tourist attractions.

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