Direct Teach Time

Direct Teach Time, located at, was developed to fill a void in the educational software market.  While there are a growing number of fine products available for teaching children with special educational needs, most lacked the flexibility and record keeping features that a classroom teacher needs.

Rather than package up pre-designed programs, which may or may not meet the needs of the student, Direct Teach Time was designed to be a tool which teachers can use to build their own customized programs, individualized for a specific child.   This allows programs to be built to match assessments of the child’s skills, and provides a method for tracking progress that can be mapped to the assessment tool of choice.

Some of the key features of Direct Teach Time include:

  • Flexible program design with multiple types of prompts that can be grouped under a hierarchy of categories
  • Built-in error correction with support for error-less teaching
  • Tracks the mastery of learning targets based on results of multiple cold probes
  • Provides accountability with record keeping, reports, and multi-level access.
  • Completely portable and can be used on any computer or tablet with a web browser and Internet connection.

Campus and district accounts are welcome, allowing for multiple students and teachers.  For more information, demo videos, and a free trial of single student version, visit

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