Digital Navigator Class

Digital Navigators

What is a Digital Navigator for mental health?

A Digital Navigator is someone who has been trained to help others select the right mobile app to meet their needs, troubleshoot their technology, and interpret the data to improve recovery and mental health. The overall goal of the Digital Navigator Program is to provide people with digital skills and tools to help the community learn to better use and benefit from mobile health technology.

Developed by the Division of Digital Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston (BIDMC), BridgingApps has partnered with BIDMC to expand the reach of this digital education curriculum by training veterans and those who support them.

Certified Digital Navigators in the Houston Area

BridgingApps is proud to share some of the recently trained Digital Navigators in the Houston, TX area. Read about these military veterans who support other veterans on our page, Digital Navigators in the Houston Area.