CyberTimez | Wearable Tech for People with Disabilities

CyberTimez is an award winning startup that combines automating the Internet of Things with wearable technology – such as smart watches – to assist people with disabilities. The innovative products below make a difference in people’s lives by solving everyday problems for those who struggle with physical, vision, and hearing challenges. BridgingApps is thrilled to share this information with our readers.

CyberArmz uses a linear actuator installed inside the cabinet, drawer or door connected with a WiFi enabled processor to open these doors and drawers when issued a verbal command. When the user wants to open that specific cabinet, drawer or door they speak into their smart watch saying custom commands that they create such as “Open Glasses”, “Close Silverware” or “Open Refrigerator.” When the system receives a voice command, it uses an encrypted WiFi connection to start and stop the door control motor with an attached rod for opening or closing the desired door, drawer or cabinet.

CyberEarz focuses on people with high frequency hearing loss. This product uses a small microphone and smart watch to detect specific sounds trained by the user such as oven timers, door bells and smoke detectors. When the trained sounds are detected, an alert is sent to their smart watch vibrating the watch and presenting a screen with the name of the device that needs their attention. In the case of emergency devices, like smoke detectors, alerts can also be sent to building managers, caretakers and loved ones.

CyberEyez allows users who have a loss of vision to read text from books or computer screens. Their product uses Google Glass to capture the text and then translates that text to speech. The text is then played back to the user through the speaker on the smart glass. One of the benefits of CyberEyez is that the program is designed to rely solely on the Glass processor and camera for the operation.  No need for WiFi or other network connection to complete the translation from text to speech.

CyberTimez is currently developing a new and exciting product called CyberTrackz that uses a smart watch to track movements of people inside buildings as well as help manage the travel training requirements of individuals who have cognitive challenges.  Read more about how the CyberTimez team got started.




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