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BridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App to the site:

This app is great for constructing narratives and social stories. It is very easy to use. Text and photos can be added to customize the book fully. You can also draw or paint your own pictures for pages in the book.

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3 thoughts on “BridgingApps Reviewed App | StoryBuddy

  1. I did not find Storybuddy on my app store on my Iphone. Is it under a different device or different name. I tried Itunes as well and it asked if I meant Storybird. I typed it as one word and as two. Let me know on this. Thanks

    1. Hi Debbie-

      I am sorry that you are having trouble finding StoryBuddy. You can search for the app through our Insignio tool and there it will give you a direct link to the app in the iTunes store. Hope this helps!

      Julie Smith

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