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Princess Fairy Tale Maker is a fun and creative app for children. It has several options for play. The child can make a scene and create a movie or color a picture to save and share. The app has many different stickers, pictures and coloring utensils for the children to use.

When the app opens, the child must choose to make a fairy tale or color a picture. Once the scene is chosen, the child can choose from over 190 stickers or crayons and colored pencils to decorate the scene. In the coloring option, many of the pages are scenes taken from classic fairy tales, such as Cinderella, Rapunsel and the Little Mermaid. When they complete the scene or coloring page, a record button can be activated and the child can talk and move the stickers around the picture to make a story. When the stickers are touched, the mouths will move like the characters are talking and the eyes blink.

This app was trialed with children in elementary school with speech and language delays and can help foster vocabulary development, teaching colors, position, and size, using descriptive words and basic conversational skills.

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