BridgingApps Reviewed App | Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are

middle_school_confidential_book_1_be_comfortableBridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

Middle School Confidential is an interactive graphic novel for tweens and teens. The illustrations are hand drawn and are appropriate for teens and even young adults. There are eight chapters in the book, and each chapter discusses a different issue that faces tweens and teens. The user must be able to read or have someone to read the text to them. Middle School Confidential Book One addresses issues related to confidence, self esteem, and bullying. This is a great app for older kids, teens and adults with Intellectual Disabilities. It is engaging and the graphics are appropriate for all ages. We have used this app with students between the ages of 10 and 16 with diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia and Attention Deficient Disorder.

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