BridgingApps Offers Two New Services!

BridgingApps is excited to announce that we will be offering two new services!


As you know we publish a lot of information about apps and technology, and we are always asking for feedback. Many of you have asked about our app matching pilot program. You asked and we listened. Based on our pilot programs and frequent requests from BridgingApps users, we are launching two new services to help you get started andselect apps. The problem that we at BridgingApps have tried to address is how to put it all together. We have developed a process using trained experts to help shortcut the device & accessory selection process and to help better select apps based on goals.

Here is the catch, it costs money to have professional therapists and special education teachers offer a customized service, so we must charge a fee. We provide all of the information on our website today for free, so this service is design to help those of you who want to have a professional guide you through the process.

The benefit of using these services is that a trained and experienced professional will create a tailored/customized program for your user. In our pilots we have seen this service dramatically reduce the amount of time and potential cost you may incur doing it on your own.

The iPad and First Steps service

This service will provide you with a customized plan, ensuring that you have the right equipment, short term goals and confidence gained by having a plan for your user.  Click below to learn more:

The App Selection service 

This service will match applications or “apps” to goals of people who have special needs.  Click below to learn more:

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