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Traditional navigation apps are designed for drivers. While many include “public transportation” and “walking” options, the typical assumption is still that the user can read street signs, identify landmarks, and otherwise see where they’re going. It’s only recently that navigation apps are being created for users with blindness or low vision.

One of these apps is GoodMaps Explore, which provides audio descriptions of surroundings at preset intervals (from 10 seconds to 2 minutes) and can save favorite locations or Points Of Interest. Other features include:

  • “Getting warmer,” for tracking physical progress toward a destination.
  • “Virtual location,” for getting advance remote information on destinations.
  • “Be My Eyes,” to contact live visual assistance.

Even with the live-assistance option, GoodMaps Explore is a free app, and particularly useful for people who know their general location and direction but need more specific details. Before a networking event or job interview, you can even use it to scan the vicinity for conversation starters!

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