Austin Meeting….What is BridgingApps?

At our June meeting in Austin we focused on “What is BridgingApps?”.  As we grow and evolve we have become many things.  It was and is important to connect what we have to offer with each attendees individual needs.   Some are new to the website, some are new to the mobile device, and some are new to the whole idea of using a mobile device in general.  But no matter where each person lies on the ROADMAP, BridgingApps has something to offer.

We also talked about the new iOS accessibility features.  In particular everyone was excited that one of the new features will prevent app switching.  We also looked at the apps Audionote, Storypatch,  and Futaba.

Next month (July 25th) we will be focusing on Mobile Devices in the Classroom.  We will talk about how functional and beneficial they can be.  Come join us and spread the word!!!


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