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Apps for Fathers

Father’s Day (Sunday, June 16) will be here soon! Fathers often don’t get enough respect these days, so let’s take time to show how much we appreciate them. Don’t settle for buying Dad a token necktie. Give him:

  • A surprise of some “favorite thing” he hasn’t enjoyed in a while: fresh-baked chocolate cake, a baseball-game ticket, a massage   
  • A handwritten note thanking him for all he’s done (the more specifics the better)
  • A few uninterrupted hours of “self time”
  • A day off from complaints and requests
  • A warm hug

When you celebrate your favorite father, take a moment to show him our new Apps for Dads list on Whether his passion is fitness or fast food; digital games or digital chat; continuing education or music videos—there’s an app to make it even more enjoyable!

Other lists and apps with dad appeal:

For hobbies:

For healthy living:

For work and life management:

For family time and parenting:

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