Anatomy of the iPad2

Image Removed image copyright Apple Inc.
1. Home Button: This is the most frequently used button on the iPad. When you click the Home Button it will take you to your Home screen. If you double click it, then your App toolbar will open and you can switch to a different App.
2. Dock Connector: This is where you can connect your iPad to a computer, power adapter, iPad Docking Station, or a keyboard dock.
3. Speaker: All the good sound comes from here.
4. Headphone Jack: Simply a place for headphones.
5. On/Off or Sleep/Wake: If you press this button and hold it down you will turn off the iPad completely. Meaning it will stop using battery power. If you press it once quickly it will put the iPad into “sleep” mode. When in sleep mode the iPad is using a very small amount of battery. When in this mode it is ready to wake up and be of use at one touch of the Home Button or the Sleep/Wake button.
6. Mute/Screen Rotation Lock: If the switch it up there is sound. Down is muted. In addition, if the switch is up the screen will rotate between horizontal and vertical depending on which way you are holding your iPad. If the switch is down the screen will stay in one position no matter how you hold or turn the device.
7. Volume: Press the top of the button to turn the volume up and press the bottom of the button to turn the iPad down.
8. Camera lens: You can’t see it on the image above, but if you look on your iPad2 it is there! This small lens will capture all pictures and video you take.

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