Alex’s Success Story

unnamed-1I have had great success in the work place environment due to my iPad mini. When I was working for Brookside Museum, my iPad mini played an instrumental role in my duties. My job was to take pictures of old, historical documents and store them to Dropbox, so a database could be created for future generations to study. My Ipad mini made it easy to perform both tasks with ease and I got a ton of work done. The iPad mini also helped me when I needed to unnamedemail my work to my bosses who needed the pictures to create the database. I can say with confidence that without the use of the iPad mini, my job would have been harder and longer to do.

I also, continue to have much success with the iPad mini in other areas besides the work environment. Thanks to the iPad mini, I have been able to increase my studying and preparation for my transition to college by allowing me to research my college, locating the bus route I will be taking, and setting up necessary meetings. The iPad mini has also helped me at home by allowing me to quickly find needed information for my friends and family. I wouldn’t have been as nearly as successful as I am today without the help of the iPad mini.

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