A Call to Aira with Gayle

In this short video demonstration Gayle, an Aira user who is blind, shows us how easy the app is to use. Aira is an app that connects people who have low or no vision to a live agent who can serve as their eyes. Using the camera on the user’s mobile device, the agent can see what is in front of the user. The agents can simply read information, help guide the user through unfamiliar places, assist with public transportation, and so much more, the options really are endless! Aira is available for Android and Apple devices and is free to download. For users who need Aira on a daily basis in many different places, subscription plans are available and range from $29 per month to $199 per month. For users who only need Aira sometimes in only a few places, Aira offers limited and ongoing promotions that provide free access, free access when using certain products such as JAWS screen reader, as well as free access in a growing number of public locations such as Walgreens, Target stores, airports, federal buildings, Starbucks, and more.

Click the image below to see Aira in action with Gayle and then check out our review here: https://search.bridgingapps.org/apps/ad23001d-6318-4cdb-8ad9-982f2a311e74?page=NaN&query=aira

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