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What’s New Fall 2021

Back to School 🍎

It’s that time again, summer is winding down and we will be getting ready to send our children back to school again soon. Transitioning back to school can look different based on the needs of your child and your family. Maybe your child is attending full day, in-person instruction, maybe they are staying home and receiving virtual instruction, maybe they are attending in-person a few days per week and at home the other days (commonly referred to as a “hybrid” model), or maybe you homeschool them? Whatever school looks like for your child, and however you define success, we have apps that are sure to help you and your family this fall.

Back to School App List for Parents
Back to School App List for Students
Back to School Apps List for Teachers & Therapists

Digital House Calls Course 🖥

BridgingApps has published a free Digital House Calls course on Udemy.

Digital House Calls: A Step-by-Step Guide for Telemedicine Visits is a free course for seniors and caregivers of persons with disabilities. It is a how-to training designed to increase access to virtual health platforms and to prepare the learner to maximize their telemedicine experiences.

This is a self paced course with repeatable lessons. Content includes lessons on technology set-up, medical and health readiness, privacy and security, troubleshooting basics, setting up the space for a virtual health visit, utilizing a patient health portal and more.

Each lesson includes direct links to further and more detailed video tutorials aligned with the content to support each learner’s individual situation and needs.

When the course is completed, the learner will have an individualized readiness plan for before, during, and after a telemedicine visit. This readiness plan serves as the learner’s personalized guide to successfully connect them to their health care providers and to optimize their virtual medical and health experience.