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Join Our Team | Walk With Me Houston 2023

Walk With Me is back for 2023! We are so excited to welcome all our clients, staff, and supporters back to the Houston Zoo on April 23, 2022! This marks our 12th Annual Easter Seals Walk with Me Houston presented by Prosperity Bank. Register today to walk, roll, or stroll with us and begin raising funds to ensure people with all types of disabilities have equal opportunities in our community! Learn more: https://bridgingapps.org/walk-with-me/

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BridgingApps NEW App Search Tool LAUNCHED

BridgingApps is excited to announce that we have launched a brand new App Search Tool! The new site has the same content, but has new features and improved accessibility features. We have also re-designed our sort and filter options to help you find what you are looking for more quickly. Check out the site here: https://search.bridgingapps.org/

Digital House Calls Course 🖥

BridgingApps has published a free Digital House Calls course on Udemy.

Digital House Calls: A Step-by-Step Guide for Telemedicine Visits is a free course for seniors and caregivers of persons with disabilities. It is a how-to training designed to increase access to virtual health platforms and to prepare the learner to maximize their telemedicine experiences.

This is a self paced course with repeatable lessons. Content includes lessons on technology set-up, medical and health readiness, privacy and security, troubleshooting basics, setting up the space for a virtual health visit, utilizing a patient health portal and more.

Each lesson includes direct links to further and more detailed video tutorials aligned with the content to support each learner’s individual situation and needs.

When the course is completed, the learner will have an individualized readiness plan for before, during, and after a telemedicine visit. This readiness plan serves as the learner’s personalized guide to successfully connect them to their health care providers and to optimize their virtual medical and health experience.

Digital Navigators

Digital Navigator Training Session

The BridgingApps Team, John Torous and his team at the Division of Digital Psychiatry at BIDMC held its second Digital Navigator Training session. Training provides knowledge, skills & confidence to help others leverage smartphone tech as #MentalHealth support. In this role, we will help support individuals in basic digital skills with their smartphone and how to become discerning consumers to sort through mental health apps.

The goal of the Digital Navigator Program is to provide training and tools to help our community learn to better use and benefit from mobile health technology towards improving recovery and mental health.

BridgingApps Team Members now certified as Digital Navigators include Cristen Reat, Amy Barry, Amy Fuchs, Daryn Ofczarzak, and Tara Rocha.

Lunch & Learn With BridgingApps 🥗📱

In our popular Lunch & Learn series, we have explored topics such as:

  • iOS Accessibility Options
  • Using apps such as “Speechify” to have text read aloud
  • Managing calendars and sharing across people and platforms
  • Keeping up with task lists for productivity using various “notes” apps
  • Tracking features on apps and devices
  • Parent Controls and Internet Safety

Our next Lunch & Learn session will be January 11, 2023.

We are in the process of planning out more great content and will update the topics here, once we have them set.  In the meantime, we wanted you to be able to get the date on your calendar.

Feel free to share this with a friend and join us for our next Lunch and Learn to find out all about it.

Please note, as always this session will not be recorded. We want everyone to feel comfortable, so we don’t require cameras to be turned in.  We will be using the chat to make it more interactive and welcome your comments and questions.  Our small group meets every other week on different topics, but it might vary some with holidays.

We are always looking for new topics, so feel free to make a request as we schedule out next year’s topics.

We hope that you will join us for these FREE events!