Resources for Having Successful Telehealth Visits

Telehealth Apps

There are lots of different platforms that your doctor can use for your virtual visit. If he tells you that it will be through an app for your smartphone or tablet, it may be one on our Digital House Calls: Telehealth Platforms.

In this video, Jana demonstrates a few popular telehealth apps: Telehealth Apps Video

How to Make Your Smartphone or Tablet Work Harder for You

On our Making Life Accessible page, you will find suggestions of options that might make using your smartphone or tablet easier for you. You will find information about styluses, cases, stands, and more. Visit Making Life Accessible to read more.

Voice Control is a feature that is already built into your Apple phone or tablet. In these short videos, Jana explains how Voice Control can be used on your device to make daily tasks easier. Click on the names of the videos to learn more: Voice Control Part 1 and Voice Control Part 2.