Getting Started with BridgingApps

Getting started with BridgingApps is quick and easy.

We have created this overview summarizing how our website is organized to help you get what you need efficiently.


The About section provides an overview of who we are, success stories, and how to contact us.

Getting Started

The Getting Started tab provides information on how to use mobile devices to identify and target skill development by identifying where you are on our Roadmap. Learn more about using mobile devices to help make life accessible and access resources for parents and professionals.

App Search

Our custom-built App Search Tool offers a powerful mechanism for searching apps and lists, saving searches and sharing lists. With our App Search Tool you can create and organize apps in a list, add notes to each app in a list, comment and rate apps, and access the Android Market and iTunes stores to purchase apps. Our App Search Tool allows users to access app reviews conducted by therapists and special education teachers. The BridgingApps review system was conceived using nationally recognized assessment tools.


The Services tab points to personalized assistance with choosing appropriate apps, in-depth training opportunities, and funding sources, and technology resources.


The Community tab invites users to get involved in a number of ways, including registering with BridgingApps, sharing success stories, signing-up for our weekly newsletter, or attending a local meeting.

For more information, please contact us.