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Do you have an iPad, but struggle to figure out which apps will work best for you or someone you know with a disability?

BridgingApps offers three levels of app selection services to help with your unique situation. Let us help you find appropriate applications customized for your special needs user to support their IEP goals.

App Selection Services are conducted by BridgingApps Consultants who are professional licensed therapists (Occupational or Speech), Special Education Teachers or Assistive Technology professionals with at least 3 years of experience in their respective areas, certified (or equivalent) to use mobile devices people who have special needs, and have at least one year of experience using mobile devices with special needs users.

App Selection Service

The App Selection Service is designed to shortcut the time-consuming process of finding apps for specific needs. We have found that providing app selection expertise has enabled people with special needs to progress towards reaching individual goals. BridgingApps will recommend appropriate applications customized for a special needs user to support up to 5 IEP goals. In lieu of a formal IEP, up to 5 goals can be identified by parents, caregivers, therapists, teachers or individuals with disabilities to focus on. Whether you have a school-aged child with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or have specific skills that you want to improve, BridgingApps can assist you by selecting apps for your particular needs.
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The App Selection Lite Service is designed for individuals or small groups (classroom size) who want to target up to 5 specific goals. For much larger groups such as therapy clinics or schools, or to target more than 5 goals, please contact us.


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The App Selection Service is $150 USD.

  1. Client purchases service and fills out the service questionnaire that is emailed to the client.
  2. BridgingApps will review questionnaire and contact client for a consultative conference call to review questions and define goals and outcomes.
  3. BridgingApps will review all information and will create a list of apps, approximately two apps for each goal, that will be sent to the client by email.
  4. Survey will be sent to client via email.

At the completion of the service, the client will have a list of two recommended apps for each goal submitted by the client (up to 10 recommended apps). This service includes a phone consultation.


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You must have an iPad and:

  1. be comfortable using the device
  2. have the right accessories such as case, stylus and assistive adaptation
  3. have the device set up appropriately for your environment


[tab title=”Testimonials”]The following quotes are taken from the IEP and iPad pilot program:

What Parents are Saying:

We were introduced to wonderful applications that we would have never found! – Tania from Garden City, New York

The apps that were recommended were age appropriate and easy to use. They allowed for progress monitoring and have the ability to assist in teaching my son new strategies to improve overall academic performance. In addition, the apps will “grow” with him as his instruction becomes more rigorous and the need for accommodations becomes a necessity. –Stephanie from Manchester, Iowa

Through the applications recommended for my son, he was able to show learning objectives that he had mastered, but was unable to show through traditional means. He was pleased with his work and excited to go to school to show his teacher. The apps recommended took into account the strengths and weaknesses of his unique learning style. Most importantly, as he has dysgraphia, he was enabled through apps to show what he knows without the hindrance of handwriting, resulting in a truer reflection of his capabilities. – Jennifer from Jacksonville, Florida

This service was amazing. BridgingApps was able to find the app that perfectly matched what my daughter needed. Even her Occupational Therapist was excited about the app working on fine motor skills. There are so many apps out there it becomes overwhelming to know which apps to purchase. This service helped me to save money because I wasn’t purchasing apps that we didn’t use, or were not well developed. It also saved me a lot of time looking for apps to fit her goals. This service helps to make her iPad her own tutoring program. – Angela from Dakota City, Iowa

BridgingApps was extremely helpful in suggesting apps that directly complement what our daughter is learning at school. Without this program we wouldn’t have known about many of these apps. Thank you. – Josh from Jericho, New York

Having an educator review the applications and match them to IEP goals greatly reduced the cost of trial and error. – Debora from Scottsdale, Arizona

What Teachers are Saying:

For every 100 apps out there it seems that 99 of them aren’t quite right. Thanks for sending some of the 1 out of 100 my way! I saw an increase in my students attention to task and ability to work independently on previously taught skills without needing direct teacher support. This is HUGE as it allows more 1:1 time with students while other students are engaged in reinforcing apps. – Mark from Schenectady, New York

It is exciting to find great apps for my students that specifically meet their needs without having to do all the research. I can actually spend my time teaching my students instead of researching apps that might work. Thanks for saving me hundreds of hours! – Shari from Vacaville, California

I would recommend BridgingApps app selection service to anyone needing guidance on matching apps to meet specific needs of a child. BridgingApps’ recommendations were right on target! Before this service, I would spend hours looking for apps and reading reviews only to download them and be disappointed at their inability to meet the needs of my students. With this service, I was given my own personal app detective who had used the apps and knew if they were right for my students. Their recommendations saved me lots of time and money! All of the apps that were recommended met the needs of my students and created excitement for learning. After using the apps, I saw progress in students that had not been responding to traditional methods of teaching. One of my students with processing difficulties went from missing 1/2 of direction or sequence questions to getting 80 percent of them correct! It was unbelievable!! Thanks again for caring enough to take the time to provide such a service!! – Brenda from Bigelow, Arizona

The students loved the apps recommended! It was nice to see them engaged and working individually, yet together. This experience led to a greater variety in student product, allowing personalization and freedom to create meaningful content. Engagement was extremely high when counting time on task. – Kathy from Dunkirk, New York

This program was extremely beneficial for our school district. It can be very overwhelming and time consuming to tap into the specific educational apps that can target individualized IEP goals and objectives. BridgingApps assisted our district and has helped our teaching staff address individual needs for a variety of disabilities with the use of Apps and iPads. – Karen from Stamford, Connecticut

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