Panda Preschool Activities App Review

Top 10 App Reviews from 2013

As we countdown to the New Year, we thought we would take a look back at some of our most popular app reviews from 2013. This list includes our most accessed app reviews from the past year! You can also always check out our top rated apps, by selecting “Top Rated” at the top of the app search page.

10. Mr. Potato Head App Review Mr. Potato Head Create & Play
Mr. Potato Head is an app built on the traditional Mr. Potato Head toy. As the child plays with the app, more parts are unlocked with a total of over 200 mix and match parts that can be unlocked. This app is a fun way for working on identifying body parts both expressively and receptively. We have used this app with children between the ages of 3 and 9 with diagnoses of speech/language delays, autism and learning differences.
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9. SMART Notebook App Review SMART Notebook app for iPad
The Smart Notebook app is a simplified version of the Smart Notebook software that is used in conjunction with SMART boards. It allows the user to complete SMART notebook lesson activities as well as create files using some of the tools that are found in the full-version of the Notebook software used with Smartboard.
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8. Kids Book Report App Review Kids Book Report
This is a simple book report template appropriate for grades K-2 or for students struggling to organize ideas or identify key aspects of a text. The template has 6 sections to enter information that helps the user organize thoughts.
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7. Autism Help Tracker Activity Timer App Review Autism Help Tracker – An Activity Timer Log
This Activity Timer is different from most timers because it allows you to add an activity image from your photo library. Activity Timer is a visual representation of the intervals between activities, a timer can be set which resembles half of a traditional clock face, but without the number.
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6. Footsteps2Brilliance App Review Footsteps2Brilliance
Here is the first fully comprehensive Language Arts app for grades K-3. The app includes 18 original interactive stories that will keep children engaged. In addition to the 18 stories, there are built in “wh” questions, spelling games, memory games and skill-based games based upon the each book. Teachers are provided with lesson plans and the ability to track each student’s progress as part of the program.
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5. StoryMaker for Social Stories App Review StoryMaker for Social Stories
StoryMaker for Social Stories is an excellent social stories app created by Handhold Adaptive, the makers of iPrompts as well as other well known apps designed for those with special needs. This app gives the teacher or the parent an opportunity to design a social story on any topic and includes audio, video and photos.
See the full review and possible IEP goals.
4. Book Creator for iPad App Review Book Creator for iPad
Book Creator for iPad is a well developed app that allows the user to create their own original eBooks. The layout and design are very clean, organized and user friendly. We have created a video to help users create a basic book. We use the app primarily for creating social stories and retelling events with our students of all ages with a variety of special needs. Students are able to practice skills related to literacy and add personal touches that reflect their creativity. Book Creator is also in line with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Literacy, and more specifically, writing, media, and technology.
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3. 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension App Review 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Free
This app is designed to work on reading comprehension at the second grade level, but it is fully customizable so it can be used at virtually any reading level. The app also allows for self-created lessons so a teacher, parent or therapist can add a story and comprehension questions with the appropriate content and at the appropriate level for the child.
We have used this app with children between 6 and 9 with diagnoses of speech delay, autism spectrum disorder and language disorder.
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2. Finger Paint With Sounds App Review Finger Paint With Sounds
This is a simple and fun drawing app. When you start the app you have the choice of multi touch or single touch. The user also has the choice of no sound, music, or sound effects.
Kids could use this app completely independently and just have fun creating all kinds of drawings but this app could also be used as a teaching tool when teaching someone how to write. Kids are very motivated to keep working because they love to hear the sounds. This is a simple app that can be used to achieve a variety of goals!
This app is available on both the iTunes and Android store (currently free!).
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1. Panda Preschool Activities App Review Panda Preschool Activities
Panda Preschool is an exciting app that utilizes early learning skills for preschool and kindergarten levels. The app developers describe it as preschool and kindergarten skills, but we feel that the skills are geared for a slightly higher cognitive level. We used this app with several clients ranging in cognitive age of 4 years-6 years. All of these clients had expressive and receptive language delays. We liked that this app combines so many skills. We were able to help clients with shape recognition, letter recognition, sequencing, big/little skills.
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