donate your used ipads to bridgingapps

Time for an iPad upgrade?

Planning to upgrade to a new iPad?

In case you missed it, today Apple introduced their newest line of iPads. If you are planning to upgrade, please consider donating your used iPad (or Android tablet) to our Assistive Technology lab to help improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities.

Our Assistive Technology Labs

As a non-profit program of Easter Seals Greater Houston, BridgingApps operates three Assistive Technology Labs in the greater Houston area. These labs are open to the public, allowing visitors to explore a variety of assistive technology, including adapted toys and switches, specialized software and computer equipment, communication devices, mobile devices and apps. Each week we serve parents, teachers, therapists, and people with disabilities, providing them with the opportunity to interact with different devices and apps and learn how they can use technology to target and improve skills. Volunteers and staff are available to answer questions and provide additional services such as workshops, trainings, and assistive technology evaluations.

Your used mobile devices can be used to help children and adults improve their social, physical, and cognitive outcomes and reach their fullest potential! Learn more about our Assistive Technology labs or how you can donate now.

donate your used ipads to bridgingapps

Thank you for your support!


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