SXSW Panel Proposal: Autism APPtitude—Using Apps to Target Skills

We have submitted a panel presentation for the upcoming South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival titled “Autism APPtitude: Using Apps to Target Skills.”

Panel Description:
Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism, a complex neurobiological disorder typically characterized by communication, social, and behavioral delays. Much media attention has focused on the power of tablet technology for communication, especially for those who cannot express themselves. Less discussed, but just as life-changing are apps that can be leveraged to address significant learning difficulties for people with Autism, including social interaction, engagement, organizational skills and transitions. Panelists will discuss how apps can effectively target skill development and harness strengths for those who need flexible modes of learning. Panelists will also examine the growing need for exceptional app development that allows users to create and customize content, track data, and monitor progress. A variety of apps and their target uses will be addressed and each panelist will weigh in on app features that benefit those with social, behavioral, and communication delays.


  • Betsy Furler – speech language pathologist and Autism consultant
  • Robert Rummel-Hudson – author and parent of a child with special needs
  • Cristen Carson Reat – co-founder and program coordinator for BridgingApps and a parent of two children with special needs
  • Camedra Jefferson – special education teacher and reading intervention teacher in HISD

To be selected, the presentations are judged in part by votes from the public. This allows SXSW to gauge interest in the proposed topics. Please help support BridgingApps by voting for our topic and letting the community know how using mobile devices and apps effectively can positively impact people with learning difficulties and special needs!

To vote for our panel:

  1. Go to the SXSW PanelPicker Website
  2. Select “Sign-in”
  3. Select “Sign up” and enter your email and password. This allows you to view and vote for our panel
  4. Once registered, you can access our proposal directly by following this link:
  5. Or you can select “Search/Vote” and find our panel by searching for “Autism” and select the SXSW Interactive Proposal
  6. Once you find it, please click the “Like” (thumbs up) to vote. You can also make a comment or ask questions for the panelists
  7. The voting is open from August 19th to September 6th!

Thank you so much for your help and continued support!

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