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IEP Tools at Your Fingertips

Parenting Special Needs - IEP ToolsThere is no question that getting ready for an IEP meeting can be a stressful and intimidating experience. The amount of information that parents must absorb and be expected to understand about their child and their educational needs is staggering. Instead of being paralyzed by information overload, empower yourself by getting organized, learning about students’ rights under the law and utilizing data to your child’s advantage.

This month, we provided some easy to use tools that you can access using your mobile device to help prepare for IEP meetings in the latest issue of Parenting Special Needs Magazine. You can also subscribe to Parenting Special Needs Magazine for free!

We have also provided a list of several apps, including many that are free and available for both Apple and Android devices. Check out our article in Parenting Special Needs Magazine or our IEP Meeting Prep app list to transform your fear into confidence and make your IEP meeting the best one yet!

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