down syndrome conference fall 2013

Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas 2013 Fall Conference Presentations and Resources

Last weekend we presented at the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas’ Fall Conference. The conference was attended by enthusiastic parents, teachers and other professionals who packed each of our presentations eager to learn and to share ideas.

If you were unable to attend, we have included some of the resources and apps we shared during our presentations below. Enjoy!

Finding lessons and activities to meet students’ IEP goals can be a challenge. In this session, Cristen and Betsy reviewed sample IEP goals from 6th through 12th grades and demonstrated apps that can help students meet goals and track data.

See the full app list.


Children with disabilities often have difficulty with engagement and interaction. This session focused on methods of using the iPad to help children develop engagement and encourage social engagement and interactivity. Specific apps that encourage engagement were also discussed.

See the full app list.


Ensuring a successful transition of students with disabilities from high school requires thoughtful planning and goal setting. Learn how mobile devices can help develop functional skills such as using a calendar, following a schedule, making a grocery list, and making healthy choices. This session discussed how students can increase their level of independence by maximizing use of mobile devices.

See the full app list.

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