BridgingApps Rio Grande Valley: How to use the App Search Tool

unnamedBridgingApps Rio Grande Valley local meeting hosted parents at therapists at their September 25th meeting.  They took an in depth look at how to use the BridgingApps search tool in order to find the right apps for the right person.  Guests also enjoyed a demonstration on the Todo Math app.  Todo K-2 Math Practice is a wonderfully easy-to-use app designed for K-2nd grade. It uses visuals, auditory prompts and purposeful touch. Even though the app is geared towards K-2nd grade, it could be used with high school students who are developmentally on a K-2 level as it differentiates skills in a way that worksheets cannot.

If you would like to attend the BridgingApps Rio Grande Valley meeting you can learn more here:

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